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“Only Lovers Left Alive” Blu-Ray Release Information

Independent UK distributors Soda Pictures have confirmed that they are planning to release a number of films from maverick American director Jim Jarmusch. On September 15th, they will release on Blu-ray his latest film, Only Lovers Left Alive (2013), starring Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton, and Mia Wasikowska. In addition to the standard Blu-ray release, there will be a SteelBook Blu-ray release of the film.

Synopsis: Set against the romantic desolation of Detroit and Tangier, an underground musician, deeply depressed by the direction of human activities, reunites with his resilient and enigmatic lover. Their love story has already endured several centuries at least, but their debauched idyll is soon disrupted by her wild and uncontrollable younger sister. Can these wise but fragile outsiders continue to survive as the modern world collapses around them?

Exact technical specs and supplemental features to be included on these upcoming releases have not yet been revealed.


Tom on playing a vampire in ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’

The website Metro has just posted an interview in which Tom talks about playing a moody vampire in “Only Lovers Left Alive”, read it below:

With “Only Lovers Left Alive,” British actor Tom Hiddleston teams up with Tilda Swinton and director Jim Jarmusch to wrestle the vampire genre back from the “Twilight” crowd, with Hiddleston and Swinton starring as two moody, music-obsessed bloodsuckers who can’t live without each other.

Was there any hesitation about stepping into the vampire world?

Absolutely none. It was amazing. I met Jim Jarmusch in November 2011, and I’d just finished shooting “Avengers,” and I was in New York for “War Horse,” which was just opening, and I was about to shoot the Shakespeare plays for PBS. So there was superheroes and soldiers and Shakespeare, and met Jim and he said, “I’m going to make a film about love, and it’s about two very delicate, sophisticated creatures who love music and poetry and nature. He’s a kind of rock star musician who’s also a kind of scientist and physicist, and she’s a poet. Oh and by the way, they’re vampires.” [Laughs] The vampire theme was really a framing for Jim to attempt a narrative about this theme of love, acceptance, time, creativity and mortality.

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Tom’s interview for The Village Voice

The Village Voice Movies has just published a new interview in which Tom talks about Only Lovers Left Alive and his desire to play mortal characters someday. Read it below:

Tom Hiddleston can pull off extreme looks. In The Avengers, he strutted around in Loki’s two-foot horned helmet. For Midnight in Paris, he finessed F. Scott Fitzgerald’s prim finger waves. And in his latest, Jim Jarmusch’s vampire romance Only Lovers Left Alive, Hiddleston lounges bare-chested in velvet-cuffed robes. The only style he can’t swing — at least, as far as casting directors seem to think — is modern, everyday mortal.

Consider his last 12 months. As if out to prove his range, the 33-year-old British actor played a god in a Marvel blockbuster (Thor: The Dark World), took Only Lovers to Cannes, clocked three months performing Coriolanus in a 250-seat London theater that was once a banana-ripening house, and, three days after the closing curtain, bounced to Toronto, where he’s shooting the Victorian ghost story Crimson Peak with Guillermo del Toro. (“He’s like a great Mexican bear,” he laughs. “I hug him every day, repeatedly.”) Even with all that, there’s a huge swath of things he has yet to do: contemporary thrillers, clever dramedies, romantic comedies, and anything, well, normal.

“It’s crazy, because I was born in 1981 and I’m alive and well in 2014 — it’s not that I’m conscientiously not doing contemporary stuff,” insists Hiddleston. “I think it’s really difficult to make a good romantic comedy. I’d love to play them; they just don’t tend to come my way at the moment. I’m taking it as a compliment one way or another, but it’s very much an ambition of mine to wear jeans.”

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(Video) New clip from “Only Lovers Left Alive”

A new clip from the film “Only Lovers Left Alive” has been released, watch it below:

(Photos) New stills from “Only Lovers Left Alive”

Our gallery has been updated with new promotional images from the film “Only Lovers Left Alive”. I have also replaced some MQ images for HQ ones and re-uploaded some of the existing files in the album in an attempt to make it more organized. I hope you like the additions!

Only Lovers Left AliveOnly Lovers Left AliveOnly Lovers Left AliveOnly Lovers Left Alive

New poster for “Only Lovers Left Alive”

A new poster for Tom’s “Only Lovers Left Alive” has surfaced on the internet this week, and it has been added to our photo gallery. Thoughts?

Only Lovers Left Alive

(Video) “Only Lovers Left Alive” Interview

"Tylko kochankowie prze?yj?"- wywiad z Tomem… por Gutek_Film

New trailer for “Only Lovers Left Alive”

Cannes trailer for “Only Lovers Left Alive”

(Video) “Only Lovers Left Alive” Official UK Teaser