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2017 Oct 12

Thor: Ragnarok Premiere Interviews

Thor: Ragnarok Premiere Interviews

While on the red carpet for Thor: Ragnarok, Tom did a few interviews. I have added screencaps of the interviews to the gallery, as well as linking them in the post below for readers to watch. Tom also did an interview alongside Tessa Thompson, which is also linked below.


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Home > Screen Captures > Interviews > 2017 > Thor: Ragnarok Premiere – 10th October

Home > Screen Captures > Interviews > 2017 > Thor: Ragnarok Premiere in LA – 10th October

2017 Mar 09

[Video] Planet Radio Interviews Tom

Another day, another radio interview!

This time Tom was interviewed by Planet Radio and spoke on a range of topics including his hectic year in 2016, paparazzi and other points of interest.

Screencaps shall added in a few days, but in the meantime you can watch the video of the interview at this link, with a snippet of the article below:

It’s pretty fair to say, Tom Hiddleston had a mad 2016!

The actor’s backside became a national talking point thanks to a particularly saucy scene in The Night Manager, and his very public relationship with Taylor Swift ensured he stayed on the front of magazines for months.

Speaking to our Entertainment Team about that bum shot, that basically broke the internet Kim Kardashian style, Tom joked he was glad to be away from all the hype.’I’m glad I was in Vietnam [filming Kong: Skull Island] for that!”

Despite this sudden surge in interest, Tom says it was actually a few years ago that he noticed his level of fame start to change.

2017 Mar 09

[Video] MTV Q&A With Tom and Josh Horowitz

A few days ago (7 March) Tom took part in a live Q&A chat with Josh Horowitz, who works for MTV. You might remember Josh from various skits Tom his done with him in his After Hours series. His character has a very iconic mustache!

Below is a video of the live chat and screencaps shall be added in a few days:

2017 Mar 09

[Videos] Tom Appears on US Daytime Television Shows

On the 7 March, Tom appeared on various talk show alongside Brie and Samuel as part of their promotion for Kong: Skull Island (I feel like I’ve been posting about this promo tour since forever!). The shows they appeared on were:

The Today Show

Live With Kelly

Although I’ve not created screencaps yet, you can view videos of the interviews below. This post shall be edited when the screencaps have been added.

2017 Mar 05

New Kong: Skull Island Interviews With Movie Maniacs

2 new interviews were posted with Tom by the Youtube channel MovieManiacsDE. It features some elements mostly talked about during the Kong: Skull Island promo tour, but also features Tom’s new jumper!

Check out the videos below and also screencaps in the gallery that were made.

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Home > Screencaps > Interviews > 2017 > Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L Jackson | Movie Maniacs