Avengers Set Visit Interview

Collider.com‘s Steve Weintraub got to visit the set of the Avengers as they were filming last year and has shared interviews with the cast. There is a full transcript of the interview as well as an Audio file (27:51). Along with photos from the set as well.

Here is a snippet of the interview; (for the full interview please click here)

Q: When you were on the set of Thor you already knew that you were going to be a part of this movie. How does it feel like to finally be on the set of The Avengers?

TOM HIDDLESTON: It’s pretty spectacular. It’s a funny one because I really am a piece of a huge jigsaw puzzle that Kevin Feige is in charge of. I suspected that I might be in The Avengers, but I didn’t know in what way, in what capacity, to what extent, or how big my role was going to be really until I read a draft that Joss Whedon had written, printed, and sent out in February or March of this year. But it feels great, honestly. It is so exciting. It is so rare as an actor to be allowed the chance to revisit a role and to go back to a character that you already built, and lived inside, and understood. To take it further to another stage is a huge privilege.

Q: When Joss talked to you about coming back what was his explanation to you for why Loki would be the perfect villain for this movie? Did he talk to you about why he chose Loki?

TOM HIDDLESTON: Well, I think Joss loves Loki because he loves complexity and the great thing about Loki is that there is almost no ceiling to his complexity as a character. He is a shape shifter, he’s intelligent, and he has strategic gifts but he also has reservoirs of pain. I think when you’ve got so much color and heroism in a film like The Avengers it needs to be balanced by a degree of pain, I think. Joss and I sat down for a long time at the end of Thor and he said, “Tell me everything about living inside of this man for 6 months. Tell me what makes him tick, what keeps him up at night. What are the nightmares of his soul?” We just shared all of our ideas from Norse mythology, the comics, and things that I developed with Kenneth Branagh. He loved it and he loved all of those ideas. He loved all of Loki’s damage and that somewhere at the bottom of Loki’s credentials as a bad guy he is a searching spirit. He is a damaged soul searching for the answers to something. Why he exists, what is his role in this universe, that he isn’t just somebody who is evil for the sake of being evil. He has complicated reasons for that.

So I think in terms of how The Avengers come together…when you are making a film, there are so many superhero films, and there are so many films about the end of the world, and you have to think, “How can we make this distinctive and unique?” I think what Joss has done so brilliantly is that he has made it about the healing power of being part of a team. So each of The Avengers: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury, have their own individual pain. Loki, too, has his own pain and somehow by bringing them together their pain is eased by being part of a team, which I think is a unique selling point for this particular film.

(Source: Collider)

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