Thor: Ragnarok Screencaps and Special Features Added

This only took a while!

I have finally added HQ screencaps of Tom as Loki in Thor:Ragnarok to the gallery. He also appeared in a number of special features on the Blu Ray release, including the gag reel and also behind the scenes featurettes.

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  1. I am so love Thor 3. I just ate up Tom’s acting skills and since of humor. He’s such a comic relief during the films. Keep up the good work Tom Hiddleston. And I’m very proud of you that you are were working for UNICEF.

    My family is going through a huge crisis in Puerto Rico. The are still suffering with no food or water and power. I’m been busy tell everyone about the global catastrophe. I have been in many hurricanes and this was no normal storms. And been reported that the people are trying from cancer because the regular generator is a causing caustic fumes in the air there for I’m been telling everybody you solar powered generators you can go to Home Depot. If it wasn’t for Tom H, I wouldn’t know about UNICEF and I had donated them because they were helping Puerto Rico.

    I still would like to work for him. I love to act on stage and on film I had done a small speaking roles as greeter in the movie called Walk on water: Family Union. it’s now on or you can go to my mini fan page .

    Any way thank you for reading this comment and God bless you. And same Tom Hiddleston.

    “For God so love the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believe in him. Will not perish but have ever lasting life. ”
    John 3:16

    Sincerely, Adrianna S.

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