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Royal Television Society Loki Panel (Photos + Videos)

Royal Television Society Loki Panel (Photos + Videos)

Last week, Tom attended a panel for Loki at the Royal Television Society, here are photos and video:

Tom Hiddleston would be in a lot of trouble if he were to talk any more about plans for the second series of Disney+ original series Loki.

Hiddleston left the sell out crowd at a panel discussion hosted by the Royal Television Society Wednesday evening (March 2) hungry for more details but the star of the Marvel show about the god of mischief and chaos, couldn’t and wouldn’t be drawn. “There is going to be a series two,” Hiddleston smiled mischievously. “That’s a complete sentence I think. I’ll get into real trouble if I say more.”

Hiddleston, who is also executive producer of Loki, was joined on stage in London by co-star Sophia Di Martino who plays Sylvie, series writer and exec producer Michael Waldron and director Kate Herron [who appeared via Zoom after the RTS fixed it so her “covid self” could join the event live.]

Hosted by film critic and broadcaster Rhianna Dhillon, they pulled back the curtain on the first series, delivering a detailed behind the scenes look at all things Loki.

Marvel Studios’ Loki features Hiddleston’s mischief making god as he steps of his brother’s shadow Thor in a Disney+ series that takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

Starring opposite an eye-catching cast including Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sophia Di Martino, Wunmi Mosaku and Richard E. Grant, Herron directed all six episodes. Waldron is the show’s head writer and executive producer of the Marvel universe spin off.

Waldron, an Emmy award winning writer for his work on animated sci-fi dark comedy Rick and Morty, said when he first landed the Loki gig, he wanted to push the envelope with what they could do with the character and story.

“You’ve got to test the fences,” Waldron, who has also penned the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness feature film for Marvel. “With [Marvel Studios president] Kevin Feige, you get to see how far you can go,” Waldron noted. “So you write in Sylvie soccer kicking an armadillo with a laser mounted on its back and they tell you ‘OK, that’s too much. I like the mind invasion but maybe pull back on the laser armadillo.’”

RTS members were treated to other insights including the moment Herron (whose previous credits include comedy drama Sex Education for Netflix) landed Owen Wilson to play Mobius in Loki. Studio reps had been on casting calls but word came from Wilson’s people that he wanted only to talk to Herron.

“I had all this weight on my shoulders,” Herron said. “I just remember he said something to me that made me so excited. ‘I want to play something outside of myself and that no one’s ever seen.'”

Hiddleston said working with Waldron’s intense wordy scripts and Herron’s favoured long takes opposite Wilson was rewarding.

“Owen actually turned to me at one point said, ‘this feels like a play,’” Hiddleston smiled.

Di Martino, who had just given birth and relocated to the US with her family for the shoot, said she coped with playing a starring role opposite Hiddleston and company by pretending it was just another job, albeit a big one.

“And then there’s a moment where you’re on the stage in the studio with, you know, Gugu [Mbatha-Raw] and Tom, and we’re doing this huge fight scene,” Di Martino laughed. “And there was a moment towards the end of filming where I was like, ‘Shit. I’m doing a Marvel show.’”

Di Martino and company is readying to do it all again soon.