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(Video) ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Deleted Scene

As part of their promotion for the Phase 2 Collection, Marvel has just released a deleted scene from ‘Thor: The Dark World’ in which Loki imagines his coronation. Watch it below.

40th Annual Saturn Awards Nominations

The nominees for the 40th Annual Saturn Awards have been announced! Tom was nominated for “Best Supporting Actor” for “Thor: The Dark World”, and the film has received a few nominations of its own, such as “Best Comic-to-Film Motion Picture”, “Best Costume”, “Best Make-Up” and “Best Special/Visual Effects”. Congratulations to everyone involved, you most definitely deserve it!


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Screen captures of “Thor: The Dark World”

Thanks to my lovely friend Claudia, our gallery has been updated with HD screen captures of “Thor: The Dark World”.

Tom HiddlestonTom HiddlestonTom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston

Tom’s Entertainment Weekly Q&A

Tom spoke with EW about the state of cinematic villainy — why we love bad guys, why these villains are bigger than ever, and whether he believes himself to be evil at heart…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Simple question: why do we love characters we hate?
TOM HIDDLESTON Well, that is the eternal question. There is this old phrase that “the devil plays all the best tunes.” There is a kind of freedom to being bad, an embracing of one’s most rebellious instincts. The idea that essentially order and chaos exist inside every human being and mostly – rightly — we behave ourselves. When you play a bad guy, you sort of cut loose from that sense of propriety.

Is it more interesting to play a noble character or a cruel one?
I think most actors see acting as a kind of 3-D psychology,  the study of people, the study of human nature. We find motivations and people’s emotional and psychological makeup to be fascinating, I know I do. Villains are challenging because they provide such fascinating case studies. You’re presented with a villain and the first question is – “What do they want? Why are they villainous?” So in Loki’s case, that answer is complex. He has a broken heart. He is grief stricken, bitter, lonely, sad, angry, ambitious, jealous and proud — and yet, he has a charm and a playfulness and a mischief. It’s a combination of factors I think. It’s that surface charm, that surface playfulness I think is appealing.

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Tom’s interview for USA Today + Photoshoot

Tom HiddlestonTom HiddlestonTom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston

Gallery Update: “Thor” Premieres Around The World

Over the past couple of weeks, Tom has attended several premieres of Thor: The Dark World around the globe. We’ve updated our photo gallery with images of the events in London, Paris, Germany and Los Angeles. Thanks to Nicole for helping us out!

Tom HiddlestonTom HiddlestonTom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston

Tom HiddlestonTom HiddlestonTom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston

Tom HiddlestonTom HiddlestonTom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston

Tom HiddlestonTom HiddlestonTom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston

Tom on Chatty Man

On November 1st, Tom appeared on the british show Chatty Man to promote his upcoming film, Thor: The Dark World. The following video includes dancing! Watch it below:

Comedy video: Loki argues with kids

Thor: The Dark World hits theaters this week, and now Comedy Central has made a video featuring our beloved Tom as Thor’s fraternal nemesis Loki. The short clip finds the trickster god having a frank exchange of ideas with some adorable children. The spot debuts tomorrow, but you can watch it in all its cute-kid-despising glory below: