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(Video) ‘The Night Manager’ Premiere Q&A

Tom was a part of a Q&A following the premiere of ‘The Night Manager’ at Berlinale International Film Festival last night. Thanks to a fan we now have a video of the event, watch it below.

Join Tom & Jessica Chastain for a Twitter Q&A

The official ‘Crimson Peak’ Twitter account has announced a Q&A with Tom and his co-star Jessica Chastain. It’s set to start soon, so keep an eye out!

(Video) ‘I Saw The Light’ TIFF Intro and Q&A

Thanks to Felix Leung, we finally have a good video of today’s Q&A during the premiere of ‘I Saw The Light’ at Toronto International Film Festival. Tom and his co-star Elizabeth Olsen answered questions about the film and managed to get some laughs out of the fans. Watch it below:

“Crimson Peak” Q&A with Ain’t It Cool

Quint, from the website Ain’t It Cool, has posted a Q&A with Tom on the set of “Crimson Peak” a while ago. Read it below.

So, I was pulled away from the set visit and led to Hiddleston’s trailer to do this chat. He opened the door half in his costume, his lacy shirt billowing in the breeze and the whole nine yards. No shit, it was like a Harlequin romance cover come to life and I realized there were about 2 million girls in this world that would have slit my throat to have been in this position.

His trailer smelled strongly of incense (the good shit, not the headshop skunk crap) and he had photos and art taped up on the cabinets, all relating to his character in some way. Lots of Victorian era men and women, mostly high society types and there were some creepy dead bride stuff, too. I bring that part up because I touch on it in the below interview.

After some small chit chat we sat down and began the below interview. It’s a good one. This guy is a great talker and wickedly intelligent to boot.

Quint: Let’s start by talking a little about Guillermo.

Tom Hiddleston: I love him. He’s right at the top of the leader board of all the directors I’ve worked with. He went straight in to number one.

Quint: What’s great about Guillermo is he’s a visionary, but doesn’t have the up-his-own-ass baggage a lot of visionary directors have.

Tom Hiddleston: Yeah, he’s chill, passionate, warm, inspiring and deeply knowledgeable. I mean, he knows when to be irreverent and mess around and have a good time, but he also knows when to be focused and serious and delicate. It’s amazing working with him. I think I’ve said this before, but he’s like a great Mexican bear of warmth and passion. He’s like a Mexican Baloo.

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Tom’s Entertainment Weekly Q&A

Tom spoke with EW about the state of cinematic villainy — why we love bad guys, why these villains are bigger than ever, and whether he believes himself to be evil at heart…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Simple question: why do we love characters we hate?
TOM HIDDLESTON Well, that is the eternal question. There is this old phrase that “the devil plays all the best tunes.” There is a kind of freedom to being bad, an embracing of one’s most rebellious instincts. The idea that essentially order and chaos exist inside every human being and mostly – rightly — we behave ourselves. When you play a bad guy, you sort of cut loose from that sense of propriety.

Is it more interesting to play a noble character or a cruel one?
I think most actors see acting as a kind of 3-D psychology,  the study of people, the study of human nature. We find motivations and people’s emotional and psychological makeup to be fascinating, I know I do. Villains are challenging because they provide such fascinating case studies. You’re presented with a villain and the first question is – “What do they want? Why are they villainous?” So in Loki’s case, that answer is complex. He has a broken heart. He is grief stricken, bitter, lonely, sad, angry, ambitious, jealous and proud — and yet, he has a charm and a playfulness and a mischief. It’s a combination of factors I think. It’s that surface charm, that surface playfulness I think is appealing.

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