New Still from Henry V

A new still has popped up online of Tom looking a bit battered as Henry V, as well as a better quality version of the previous seen still in the April issue of VOGUE UK. Check them out below;

Seven New Stills from The Avengers

New stills featuring Tom as Loki have been released, check them out below;

First photo from The Avengers Premier in LA

There will be more to come;

New Avengers Clip

A new clip from The Avengers has been released featuring Tom as Loki and Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark. Check it out below.

(Keep in mind this is a clip from the film, if you do not wish for possible spoilers you may want to avoid)

Photo Shoot by Richard Grassie

Photos from a shoot by Richard Grassie have been added to the Gallery. Check them out below;