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Tom Attends the Avengers: Infinity War Fan Event

Tom Attends the Avengers: Infinity War Fan Event

Last night, in London, England, Tom accompanied some of his Marvel castmates for a fan event celebrating Avengers: Infinity War. Tom looked quite dashing while wearing Ralph Lauren, a departure from Gucci. Below is a video of the red carpet arrivals.

I have added HQ images to the gallery, with more to come. I have also added videos below of the event, with screencaptures to be added in the future.



Thor: Ragnarok 4D Mock Movie

Thor: Ragnarok 4D Mock Movie

Another promotional outlet for the movie included this fun skit that appeared on the The Late Late Show with James Corden. The cast acted out a ‘4D’ version of the movie, with 4D being a loose term for it. Did anyone else laugh at Tom’s wig falling off?

Catch the video below, as well as screencaps!

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Thor: Ragnarok Disney Movies Surfers Promotional Videos

Thor: Ragnarok Disney Movies Surfers Promotional Videos

As part of promotion of the new movie, Disney has been airing small, comedy segments starring Tom as Loki and also Chris as Thor. One video is titled ‘Two Truths and a Loki’ and the other video is format of the same nature, with a few alterations 😉

Enjoy the videos below, with screencaps added to the gallery!


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[Photos]The Hollywood Report Stylist Issue

It’s no secret that lately Tom has been super suave in his fashion, and the main force behind that is Ilaria Urbinati, his stylist. As part of the regular Stylist Issue of The Hollywood Reporter, Tom features in a photoshoot with Ilaria and also an interview. Below is a snippet of the article:

Tom Hiddleston may be a red-carpet risk-taker, but that doesn’t mean he’ll try every fashion trend.

“I’m not crazy about short trousers, short pants on men.” Hiddleston tells The Hollywood Reporter while playing “Fishing for Answers” with his stylist, Ilaria Urbinati. “Even in the summertime, it’s a risk.”

Luckily, Urbinati, who ranks No. 6 on THR’s 25 Most Powerful Stylists list this year, is aware of the Kong: Skull Island actor’s style preferences. She adds: “It’s true, I always go a little longer with you.”

Check out the video above to hear about Hiddleston’s style icons (Bill Murray, included) and who he thinks is a better co-star between Kong and Thor. Plus, watch Hiddleston show off his best American accent.

I have added photoshoot images to the gallery and also screencaps of their interview shall be added soon, as seen below.

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Tom At The European Premiere Of Kong: Skull Island + Interview

As well as adding over 300 HQ images (with more to come), I have added screencaps of Tom on stage at Cineworld Empire, and also a red carpet interview he did with ODE.


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Home > Screencaps > Events/Appearance > 2017 > On Stage in Cineworld Empire for the European Premiere of Kong: Skull Island #001
Home > Screencaps > Events/Appearance > 2017 > On Stage in Cineworld Empire for the European Premiere of Kong: Skull Island #002

On stage videos are located under the read more below:


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