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Tom Interviewed In 8 Days March Issue

Thanks to Torrilla who posted these scans of Tom in the 9th March issue of 8 Days. Featured in it is a piece about Kong: Skull Island and his role alongside Brie Larson. Another exciting feature is that Tom did a new photoshoot. I’ve not added the photoshoot yet as I am waiting for HQ shots of them.

The scans have been added to the gallery, via the link below:

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New Kong: Skull Island Interviews With Movie Maniacs

2 new interviews were posted with Tom by the Youtube channel MovieManiacsDE. It features some elements mostly talked about during the Kong: Skull Island promo tour, but also features Tom’s new jumper!

Check out the videos below and also screencaps in the gallery that were made.

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Why Tom Hiddleston Can’t Stop Wearing These Boots?

GQ posted this article that, being fair, I find very cute 🙂

When it comes to suits, Tom Hiddleston doesn’t shy away from a rich, attention-grabbing color or showy double-breasted cut—he’s British; it’s in his blood. On his casual days, however, he sticks with a uniform so unwavering it rivals that of John Legend or even Chris Martin. His formula involves slim jeans, a solid knit or T-shirt, and a classic coat all done in shades of black, navy, and charcoal. The finishing touch is almost always Aquatalia’s gray suede Ace boots.

Hiddleston hasn’t just been wearing these $425 Italian-made boots over the past couple of days or months (as seen above); he caught media attention for his unrelenting commitment to them last year when he wore them to several media events (see below) and even on the beach (to be fair, it was a rocky beach). In short, the man has found true love—one that outlasted his relationship with a certain blonde songstress. And we get it; the shoes look equally good with a suit or with a pair of jeans because they have a nice, slightly elongated shape that’s a lot more elegant than a pair of Red Wings or Docs.

Please do check out the entire article as it should make you even more happy about Tom’s stylist, Ilaria Urbitini!

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Tom Appearing On Chris Evans Radio Two Breakfast Show

Another day of promoting Kong: Skull Island saw Tom appearing on another breakfast show, this time Chris Evans on Radio Two.


Listen to Tom’s radio appearance on Radio Two via this link. He appears around 1.41.15.

You can also see Tom at the end of Ed Sheeran’s appearance on Chris Evans show as well:

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Tom At The European Premiere Of Kong: Skull Island + Interview

As well as adding over 300 HQ images (with more to come), I have added screencaps of Tom on stage at Cineworld Empire, and also a red carpet interview he did with ODE.


Home > Events/Appearances > 2017 > European Premiere of ‘Kong: Skull Island’ at Cineworld Empire, Leicester Square, London


Home > Screencaps > Interviews > 2017 > Tom Hiddleston talks about flirting with Brie Larson | ODE
Home > Screencaps > Events/Appearance > 2017 > On Stage in Cineworld Empire for the European Premiere of Kong: Skull Island #001
Home > Screencaps > Events/Appearance > 2017 > On Stage in Cineworld Empire for the European Premiere of Kong: Skull Island #002

On stage videos are located under the read more below:


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Article On Tom Taking A Year Off and Making Movies

Recently Tom did an interview with Courier mail, and discussed the making off movies, including Kong: Skull Island:

A lot of you were having issues accessing this article so I posted it below. 

WHEN he flew into Australia in January of last year, headed for the Gold Coast Hinterland where Mt Tamborine would double for a mysterious slice of the South Pacific in Kong: Skull Island, Tom Hiddleston was given a full safety briefing.

“Red-bellied black snakes, brown snakes, funnel-web spiders …” he recounts.

He  also talked about 2017 being a year of rest, after working consistently the past number of years:

What’s not so surprising now is, besides seeing Kong and Ragnarok out into the world, Hiddleston is planning to take much of 2017 off.

“I’m taking a bit of a breather, because I’ve been running quite hard for five or six years and I just need to check in with stuff at home,” he says.

The last six years have been undeniably huge for 36-year-old Hiddleston.

Regular work on British TV and stage switched gear into movie stardom via his much-loved Marvel role as Thor’s mischief-making brother Loki, backed up by great performances in The Deep Blue Sea, War Horse, Only Lovers Left Alive, Crimson Peak, TV’s The Hollow Crown and miniseries The Night Manager (the latter scoring him a statuette at last month’s Golden Globes).

You can read the rest of the article here.

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Tom Reveals Loki’s Unfavourable View of Doctor Strange

It is, by now, not a secret to many that Doctor Strange shall be appearing in Thor: Ragnarok, and whole doing press interviews for Kong: Skull Island, Tom has spoken a little bit about the 3rd Thor movie, and Loki’s interaction with Doctor Strange:

According to Tom Hiddleston, Loki will be rather apathetic towards Doctor Strange’s mystical powers.

Recently, the actor sat down for an interview with IGN where he was asked about Loki’s reaction to characters like Doctor Strange. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, much of what has kept Loki unique is his magical gifts, so the entrance of beings like Strange and even Hela could be a threat to Loki. However, Hiddleston doesn’t seem to think that’s the case.

“I think he probably dismisses Strange,” Hiddleston said about Loki. “Yes, his sorcery is very impressive, but Loki’s been doing that for century so who cares? But Hela is a different beast and full of surprises. [She] actually might have been someone with whom he actually got along, but the circumstances have changed.”

Please visit Comic Book to view the rest of the article.

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Tom Appears At Gucci Women’s Fashion Show in Milan

Tom only arrived at Heathrow yesterday, but it appears he caught another flight out, this time to fly to Italy. It’s no secret that lately Tom has had a close relationship with the fashion brand Gucci, and today he made an appearance at the Women’s Fashion show in Milan. Looking very smart in a Gucci 3 piece suit, other attendees included Salma Hayek and Jared Leto.

I have added HQ images of Tom arriving and inside the venue. Social media images have also been added, with videos posted below. Screencaps and more images shall be added as they arrive!

Home > Events/Appearances > 2017 > Arriving at Gucci Women’s Fashion Show in Milan, Italy

Home > Events/Appearances > 2017 > Seated Front Row at Gucci Women’s Fashion Show in Milan, Italy

Home > Public Appearances > 2017 > At the Gucci F/W After Party in Milan, Italy

Social Images and videos below the cut.

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Tom Appears At LA Press Conference For Kong: Skull Island

Yesterday (19th February 2017), Tom took part in a press conference at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles, as part of promotion for Kong: Skull Island. His co-star, Brie Larson, also attended the press conference.

I am unsure as to whether any videos shall be released, but if so this post shall be updated with the video, and screencaps.

Big thanks to the admin of Loving Emma Watson who kindly donated the first batch of images. I shall hopefully be updating with more in the coming days. View the images in the gallery using the link below:

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In relation to Skull Island, a 10th TV spot has been released, which you can view below: